Talk about an unparalleled and fun-filled chance to explore computer science and its offshoots.

COSCON is Princeton’s student-run computer science contest designed to encourage out-of-the-box thinking on the variety of topics arising in computer science and its applications.

Our Mission

Princeton University’s Computer Science Contest (COSCON 2021) is designed to get Princeton students of all walks excited and thinking about a variety of topics that arise in COS.

Unlike hackathons or your run-of-the-mill programming competitions, COSCON won’t solely focus on the “coding” aspect of computer science: some of our problems will require the creative insight of a theoretician, while others may require the guile of a seasoned systems specialist. All you need to be able to do is think!

Contest Details

The competition will be held on Princeton’s campus on March 25th, 2023.. The schedule of events is as follows (all times in ET):
  • 12:00 PM–12:15 PM: Introduction session in McDonnell A02 (attendance necessary if you’re getting free boba).
  • 12:45 PM–7:30 PM: Competition Period! We’ll be holding office hours in McDonnell A01, A02, and the brush gallery for any questions. We’ll also have free pizza to keep you going!
  • 7:35 PM–8:30 PM: We’ll have debriefing sessions (also in McDonnell) on some featured problems!

You don’t need to be a COS major or have even heard of ACM to participate. All you need is a laptop and a desire to solve some cool problems! Though background knowledge is definitely nice to have, it is in no way required to do well in this competition. We highly recommend that anyone, even if you’re only a freshman or sophomore, participate!

To thank you for reading so far into our website, we have decided to give you, and only you, the solutions to all our problems. Use this wisely.

Our Team

Nalin Ranjan ’22
Sacheth Sathyanarayanan ’22
Howard Yen ’23
Vicky Feng ’24
Henry Tang’23
Aditya Gollapudi ’23
Ruijie Fang ’23
Freddy Qiu ’23

Special Thanks To…

Minh-Thy Barsell, who is our talented graphic designer! She does more than visual art; check out her shop and follow it on Instagram at @thy.shoppe!
Colleen Kenny, who is the COS dept’s undergraduate program manager.
Prof. Kevin Wayne, Princeton ACM’s faculty advisor for his invaluable guidance!
Stephanie Landers, who manages the Keller Center’s student project funding program!